Important Activities of ACU in 2019 – Internal and external capacity building for ACU Officials

In 2019, ACU had arranged trainings and seminars for 33 times mainly focusing on investigation and process of complaints, digital forensics, evidence analysis, examining fake documents, technical investigation of financial offences and money laundering offences, auditing and important administrative works. Besides ACU Officials also participated in training courses at educational institutions for 13 courses to enhance the capacity such as techniques on public financial management course, Management on revenues that is not taxation, Innovation in Public Administration, Public Administration and anti-money laundering to fight against money laundering.

Besides internal training courses, ACU had also sent its officials to attend training courses in foreign countries for 20 times focusing on Promoting transparency of owners of interests in Asia region, Promoting integrity and obstructing corruption within law enforcement agencies, IT Systems for managing public finance, Fighting corruption in private sector and foundation course of polygraph for fighting corruption which was conducted in Korea, Canada, Malaysia, China, Singapore, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Japan.

Internal and external capacity building for ACU Officials

ACU Delegation led by H.E. Yentieng Puthirith, Vice President of ACU attending the seminar on Fighting against corruption for Cambodia in 2019 in Changsha city Hunan province, China.

Internal and external capacity building for ACU Officials

The 8th Training course on Integrity for government officials and Effectiveness of Media usage for ACU Officials .